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General Dynamic

A NATO AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) Application used to configure ground device which communicate with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

IBM Canada

Provided software service to designed, implemented and maintained complex financial application National Defense of Canada.


Provided software services to designed and implemented IP network application using IMS architecture.


Provided Software services to build a software application to optimize Adwords Quality Scores for Google Advertisers.


Worked on an architecture, design and implementation of a webservices application to rate professor of the university.


Provided software services to ensure software quality assurance on voice over Ip applications.



OnemeWebServices co-Founded YAAHOT Hotel, downtown Yaoundé.
Yaahot Hotel combines a modern comfort in a cosy and refined setting. Located downtown Yaounde, in Cameroon. OnemeWebServices and YAAHOT work hard together to provide a outstanding lodging facilities and services for guests going to Yaounde for a business trip as well as personnal stay. Learn more about YAAHOT Hotel here






About us

OnemeWebServices Inc. is a software company in the Ottawa area providing services to private and public sectors since 2006. At OnemeWebServices, our mission is to use the power of 1 to help people and businesses throughout the world by providing them a unique and high quality software services that will help them make their life easier.

Intellectual property licensing:
At OnemeWebServices Inc. Intellectual Property is viewed as a profit center, which involves legal, technical as well as business considerations. Working as a client's software developer and supplier, OnemeWebservices does not own the intellectual property of the work done for its clients. The client owns the intellectual property, unless specified and agreed mutually.

However, OnemeWebServices inc also develops software products and components completely at its own cost, which are clearly identifiable in a project assigned to and developed by OnemeWebservices. OnemeWebservices can provide these products and components at incremental costs to its clients, when required and proposed by the client. For any further information about our relationship models, please Contact us.

Software Engineer

Yannick P. Tchatchoua

Software Engineer from Ottawa University. Yannick has various profesional software experiences and he is really passionate about Services Oriented Architecture using the webservices design approach. His vision, hard working, and always striking for the best are amongst his precious assets.